Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for booking of KVS Auditorium

» The KVS auditorium will be rented out to other institutions/departments for conducting cultural programmes, seminars, conferences etc. for educational functions of non-commercial nature only.
» The auditorium will be available at any time between 9.00 am to 9.00 p.m. The auditorium shall be vacated immediately after the performance.
» There are 757 seats in the auditorium. No extra chair is allowed. The party hiring the auditorium shall ensure that in any case entry of the persons to the auditorium shall not be exceed 757.
» The KVS will not be liable for refund of hire charges or any other losses if the party is unable to use the Auditorium due to non-production of performance license, failure of electricity, fire, strike, earthquake, flood or act of war or on act of God.
» The KVS reserves the right to refuse/cancel the booking of the Auditorium to any part without assigning any reason.
» Municipal or other taxes if any will be the liability of party hiring the Auditorium.
» Request of reservation shall be made in the prescribed form along with full payment of all charges and security deposit at the time of the booking of Auditorium through Bank Draft/ Pay Order in favour of "Dr. S.R.KVS Auditorium A/c".
» Refund of Security Deposit will be made through crossed cheque on written request after adjustment of dues, loss to the property of the Auditorium, if any. Security Deposit not claimed within 3 years from the date of booking shall be forfeited.
» No open fire/inflammable material/smoke effect will be allowed within the premises of Auditorium or Green Rooms etc.
» Weapons of any kind will not be allowed within the premises of Auditorium.
» Smoking/Drinking/eating is strictly prohibited in the Auditorium. No Briefcase, Transistor, Bag, Tiffin box, Camera, Binoculars, Food packets, Bottles etc. are allowed inside the Auditorium. The party hiring the Auditorium will ensure that the restriction is strictly adhered to.
» No liquor is allowed within the premises of the Auditorium or Green Room etc.
» No party will be allowed to handle the Auditorium properties without the consent of the In-charge of the Auditorium. Nailing on the stage, Podium/ Dais etc. in and outer walls of the Auditorium Complex is strictly prohibited.
» The party hiring the Auditorium will be responsible for all losses/damages to the Auditorium property.
» The KVS will not be responsible for any losses/damages to the properties of the party used in the performance or kept in the Auditorium premises.
» Posting of ushers and management of entrance will be arranged by the party hiring the Auditorium and will be responsible for maintenance of law and order, traffic control etc.
» Posters, banners, publicity material will be allowed to be displayed only at the specified place provided for in or outside the premises of the Auditorium.
» No Loudspeakers will be allowed in any part of the Auditorium premises without the prior permission of the in-charge.
» No extra lights will be provided for in or outside the premises of the Auditorium.
» The party/organization hiring the Auditorium shall not be permitted for installation of tents.
» Any changes addition or amendments on the rules made by the KVS will be binding on the party hiring the Auditorium. The decision of the KVS for the interoperation of the terms and conditions given above will be final and binding.
» No cooking will be allowed within the premises of the Auditorium.
» Parking of only two cars inside the Auditorium Gate will be allowed.
» The agreement form will be available from The Principal KV NO. 2, Delhi Cantt.
» The committee also suggested that based on the feedback on operationalisation of the auditorium, necessary changes may be made from time to time as per the requirement